Prominent Alumni

MBS alumni have demonstrated they have the drive, focus and intellect to become great business leaders, providing strategic direction and producing measurable results in the real world.

Here are just some of our alumni who are holding or have recently held prominent positions in today's business world:

Thomas Attwood, BSc(T) (Hons) ’73 – Chief Executive Officer, Intermediate Capital Group

Tony Bickford, MBA ‘72 – Former Chairman, QAS

Dame Alexandra Burslem, DipBA ‘86 – Former Vice Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mark Byers, MBA ’89 – Partner, Grant Thornton

Peter Casey, MBA ’84 – Chairman, Casey Group

Pik Ha Chan, MSc ‘86 – Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, Fubon Bank Hong Kong Limited

Vincent Chan, MBA ‘88 – CEO and Founder, Spring Capital Asia Ltd

Jeremy Coller, BSc (Hons) ’82 – Chief Executive Officer, Coller Capital

Roger Crook, MBA ‘87 – CEO Global Forwarding, Freight

Don Cruickshank, MBA ‘72 – Former Chairman of SMG plc and former Chairman, London Stock Exchange

Gavin Darby, BSc (Hons) ’77 – Chief Executive Officer, Cable & Wireless Worldwide

Andy Duncan, BSc (Hons) ’84 – Chief Executive Officer, Camelot

David Gregson, MBA ’83 – Chairman, Phoenix Equity Partners

Rijkman Groenink, DipBA ‘73 – Former Chairman of the Managing Board, ABN AMRO

Robert H Herz, BA (Econ) ‘74 – Chairman, US Financial Accounting Standards Board

Keith Jones, MBA ‘97 – Former Chief Executive Officer, JJB Sports

Sir Terry Leahy, BSc (Hons) ‘77 – Former Chief Executive Officer, Tesco

Piers Linney, BA (Hons) ’94 – Founder, Outsourcery

Simon Lockett, MBA ‘90 – Chief Executive Officer, Premier Oil

Frank Martin, BSc(T) (Hons) ‘73 – Chief Executive Officer, Hornby plc

Stuart Mitchell, BSc (Hons) ’81 – Chief Executive Officer, Wilkinson

James Ndahiro, PhD ‘05 – Chairman, Rwanda Stock Exchange

Hamish Ogston, BSc (Hons) ’70 – Founder and Chairman, CPP Group

Michael D Parker, MBA ‘72 – Former Chief Executive Officer, Sellafield

Ian Penrose, BSc (Hons) ’86 – Chief Executive Officer, Sportech plc

Jurek Piasecki, DipBA ‘73 – Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Goldsmith Group plc

James Ross, DipBA ‘67 – Former Chairman, The Littlewoods Organisation

Paul Skinner, DipBA ‘69 – Chairman, Infrastructure UK and former Chairman, Rio Tinto

Brenda Smith, MBA ‘75 – Non-Executive Director, Central Manchester University Hospitals and former Managing Director, Granada Television Ltd

John von Spreckelsen, MBA ‘70 – Chairman, Thorntons plc

Hon Shing Ton, BSc (Hons) ’01 – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, The Bank of East Asia Limited

Sir David Varney, MBA ‘71 – Former Chief Executive Officer, British Gas plc and former Executive Officer, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, former Chief Executive Officer, NHS Trust

Wai Ming Wong, BSc ’82 – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lenovo Group Limited

Marinos Yannopoulos, MBA ’78 – Former CEO, Alpha Bank